What To Expect

Welcome to Elevate Health Chiropractic!  We are excited that you are here.


Your First Visit

On your first visit, you will sit down with the doctor, so we can truly understand what brought you into our office and what your health goals are.  Next, the doctor will perform a focused examination to identify your problem areas and develop a personalized, effective treatment protocol, designed to help you start feeling better now and keep you better.  One of the primary objectives in our office is educate our patients, so they can maintain the progress they have gained with our treatments and lead healthier, happier lives.

New Patient Forms:

Please print, fill out and bring these new patient forms along to your first appointment, so we can spend more time understanding your problem and how to best help you.


How Much Will It Cost?

At Elevate Health Chiropractic, our goal is to get you better as quickly as possible and to teach you how to maintain that progress, so you can continue to do the things you love.  The initial examination and consultation is focused and purposeful so that we can determine what is going on with your body and tailor a treatment plan to get you better fast.  For only $39 (normally $99) you will receive the initial exam and consultation when you mention this website.

Our treatments are personally designed for your unique needs and address the root cause of the problem.  Treatment includes full body (spine & extremity) adjustments, functional exercises, soft tissue work and education.  All of this is only $60.