New Patient Exam & Consultation-$39

On your first visit, you will sit down with the Dr. Andrade and discuss your health concerns in order to get to the root cause of your problems and truly understand your goals for treatment. Then she will perform a thorough, personalized examination to further understand how best to address your health concerns. Treatment strategies will be identified and implemented to help you achieve your goals.

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Full Body Chiropractic Treatment-$60

A personalized, full body evaluation and adjustment that adapts to your needs and goals each visit. An evaluation will be performed, and treatment will not only be limited to the spine and will include extremities (knees, shoulder, hands, feet, etc.) as necessary.

Functional exercises and soft tissue work will also be incorporated to help you get and stay better. As well education and tips to help you live a happier, healthier life.



Periodically a reevaluation of treatment strategies and goals will be completed. It is important that we monitor progress and reevaluate treatment protocols and efficacy to ensure you the best possible results. We want to best assist you in achieving your goals and getting you back to doing what you love, in the shortest amount of time possible and regular reevaluations are essential to doing that.


X-rays–Price varies

Occasionally an x-ray examination may be necessary to best determine what the problem is and how best to treat you. This is different in each case and will be determined by the doctor during initial exam and consultation.


Sports Physicals - $40

We offer Pre-Participation Sports Physicals as required by CHSSA for all high school student athletes in Colorado. A comprehensive physical to assess a student athletes ability to participate in sports safely and to educate them on various aspects of health and wellness related to their specific sport.

Same day appointments are available!